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Alison H. Fetzer, CPA

Alison H. Fetzer, CPA

Phone: 312.670.7444

Fax: 312.670.8301

Email: afetzer@orba.com


Alison has been with ORBA since 2005.  She supervises numerous audit engagements and performs a variety of reviews, compilations and monthly accounting work for both privately-held companies and not-for-profit organizations.  In addition, Alison prepares all of the necessary tax (information) filings for these clients.  She also assists small business owners and not-for-profit clients with analyzing financial statements, general business consulting, and provides training and support.


Alison finds ways to provide value to her clients through education and training.  She is always available to answer questions, review strategies and provide consultation.  In order to stay current with new industry issues, she enjoys brainstorming with clients to help them find unique solutions to the challenges they face.

Outside of the Office

Outside of the office, when not tending to client matters, Alison enjoys spending time with her family. Whether it is taking her sons to the park, planning a last minute dinner party or catching up with an old friend over a long walk and coffee, Alison enjoys being around family and friends.

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