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Joseph A. Odzer, CPA, MST

Joseph A. Odzer, CPA, MST


Phone: 312.670.7444

Fax: 312.670.8301

Email: jodzer@orba.com

“I'm always in close contact with my clients. I'm here to improve their financial situation and I don't take that responsibility lightly.”


Joe has been with ORBA since 1986 and was named a Director in 1997. The firm's tax specialist on a variety of corporate and individual tax issues, Joe’s specialties include tax compliance, transaction and business structuring, as well as strategic business and management consultation for business owners and their key executives. In addition, he represents taxpayers in matters involving the Internal Revenue Service and state taxing authorities.

Joe has significant expertise in a variety of highly-specialized tax services. In addition to helping clients with these matters, he has authored articles on manufacturing tax credits, year-end tax planning topics, alternative minimum tax and tax basis issues related to pass-through entities (S Corporations and LLCs).


Joe continually looks for new ways to help his clients improve their bottom lines.  This approach has helped his clients achieve greater operational efficiencies, reductions in tax liability and enhanced profitability by analyzing each component of their business.

Widely respected for implementing innovative solutions, Joe's philosophy includes finding multiple potential solutions to finite challenges.  His role is then to inform clients of the pros and cons of each option and to guide them to choose the best path based on the big picture.

Outside of the Office

Joe approaches each element of his life with purpose.  He has been known to be the one who turns on the lights in the morning.  Even while outside the office, he leverages technology to stay networked with clients.  Joe plays a significant role in coaching and mentoring staff so they can develop into becoming future leaders and directors at ORBA.

Awards & Distinctions

  • Awarded an Elijah Watt Sells Award with high distinction from the AICPA for outstanding scores achieved on the Uniform Certified Public Accounting Examination
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