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Business owners encounter many challenges in managing and growing their companies. Maintaining accurate and timely financial information should not be one of them.

At ORBA, we understand that small, closely-held companies and their executives sometimes lack the time, skills or resources needed to manage all the complex financial aspects of their enterprises. Often, these businesses require the assistance of a full-service bookkeeping department that can put their finances in order and take over some of the more time-consuming financial tasks. The number of financial decisions and responsibilities facing owners can be overwhelming – from selecting the appropriate accounting software package and implementing key internal controls to processing daily transactions and reviewing financial results. To allow you more time to focus on your business without worrying about the details, ORBA offers a variety of services on a number of different platforms that are customized to fit your specific needs.

ORBA’s Accounting and Advisory Services professionals collaborate with you to identify your objectives and alleviate your concerns. Our services range from traditional onsite bookkeeping services to outsourced, cloud-based functions that can be tailored to meet your company’s requirements.

Our accountants and advisors are experts in helping individuals and businesses implement the financial structure critical to maintaining proper financial records. All of our group’s members are certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors and have experience working with clients from a wide variety of industries.  We bring the knowledge, skill and experience it takes to understand your day-to-day accounting and finance needs and help you take the proper steps to ensure efficiency, accuracy and peace of mind. ORBA can get you up and running quickly, improve accounting management functions and help you identify the strategic steps needed that will secure the future of your business.


Adding New Depth to Serve Your Needs

ORBA is joining forces with Chicago-based Red Granite, an accounting, bookkeeping and financial consulting firm specializing in outsourced CFO support. Known as the “Entrepreneur’s CFO,” Red Granite is a leader in the seamless delivery of virtual CFO services. Combining the capabilities and talents of Red Granite with ORBA’s industry-leading accounting and advisory services allows us to offer an enhanced array of back-end offerings to our clients and deliver even greater value to startups and emerging companies so they can concentrate on growth and profit-generating strategies.

About Our New Partners

Red Granite provides accounting services for entrepreneurs with high-growth companies that want to scale profitably. By stepping in and taking care of all things financial, you can focus on scaling your business. Red Granite’s “virtual CFO” services include:

For more information, click here to download a PDF of Red Granite’s brochure.

Cloud-Based Accounting and Financial Management

ORBA’s goal is to develop an efficient system that meets your company’s current and future needs, provides security and privacy, and allows real-time access to the financial data and information you depend on to run your business operations. We achieve that goal for our clients by maintaining general ledgers on a secure, cloud-based server that allows authorized users access to the system at any time and from any place there is an Internet connection. Through our portal and cloud-based systems, we can share and store documents and information in a secure manner.

Our system streamlines accounts payable and accounts receivable functions through electronic processing, thus improving cash management efficiencies. By integrating online document storage, we help reduce the time needed to access important records while delivering valuable cost savings. Using these state-of-the art tools, our experienced team supports your business by providing you with timely, detailed financial analysis for use in forecasting and strategic planning.

Benefits of our cloud-based solutions include:

Team of Experts
You have a dedicated team of financial professionals with accounting, bookkeeping and technology expertise, working together to make sure your books are accurate and your reporting is on time.

Simple, Secure Data Sharing
We make getting data from you simple – no more emailing back and forth or sending hard-copy documents each month.

Anywhere, Anytime Access
We will move your accounting to the cloud so that you can securely access your real-time financials anytime from any location with Internet service, and on any device.  We can easily communicate with you through our online portal, dedicated e-mail or phone.

Customized Approach
We know that one size does not fit all in bookkeeping. Your business is unique, so we will customize an accounting solution to meet your individual needs and budget. Our deep experience and ability to zero in on the most expedient solutions allows us to keep our prices competitive while delivering added value to your business at every juncture.

Traditional Bookkeeping Services

ORBA offers traditional bookkeeping services on a permanent or temporary basis to meet a wide spectrum of needs. Our highly skilled Accounting and Advisory Services staff brings vast experience to accounting processes from original point of entry through financial statements, including:

  • Maintaining updated general ledgers
  • Recording payments, receipts and journal entries
  • Recording payroll
  • Preparing depreciation and amortization schedules
  • Reconciling asset and liability accounts
  • Reconciling bank statements

No assignment is too big or too small for us to handle. Our specialists can provide weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual services on an ongoing basis, allowing your personnel to focus on your business, or to provide an extra layer of oversight for internal control purposes.

In addition to providing interim controller services during a transition or growth period, we also offer consulting and training services that allow your staff to become more efficient in performing routine or specialized tasks or managing the books. Not only is each member of our Accounting and Advisory Services team a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, we are also proficient in other accounting software and systems as well. Experts in payroll and sales tax matters, we stay up to date on the latest rulings and changes. Our group’s professionals also collaborate with colleagues across the firm  to evaluate and solve complex issues. 

Financial Statement Preparation

ORBA professionals prepare comprehensive financial statements for a number of purposes. Whether required by outside third parties or for internal use by management, ORBA delivers financial statements using various methods – accrual, cash basis or income tax basis – as  needed annually or more frequently for interim periods. We can also incorporate comparative periods or key ratios to assist with financial analysis. 

For privately-held companies that do not require a higher level of assurance, we provide compiled financial statements that reflect management-represented information without the expression of an opinion or any assurance that there are no material modifications to the numbers needed. 

Tax Services

At ORBA, our Accounting and Advisory Services professionals are up to date on current tax laws affecting both your business and personal tax reporting requirements. Federal, state and local regulations combine to make today’s tax environment extremely complex. We strive to keep you informed of your tax obligations while working to minimize your overall tax liability. Our complete and accurate tax compliance and informational reporting includes:

  • Payroll tax returns
  • Sales tax returns
  • Informational returns (1099s and W-2s)
  • Household employment filings
  • Business tax returns
  • Individual tax returns
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