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Landlords, tenants, owners, managers, investors, lenders….  As much as we all try to get along, sometimes disputes happen involving real estate.  We are often called on to help determine the facts as they relate to agreements in the operation and ownership of real estate and represent clients and attorneys in various aspects of real estate conflicts. 

Such disagreements might include:

  • Calculation of coverage ratios in loan agreements
  • Calculation of common area maintenance expenses as determined under a lease
  • Calculation of management fees according to an agreement
  • Calculation of percentage of rents due under a lease

Whenever there is a call for a calculation, there is usually a difference of opinion as to how that calculation is made. 

At ORBA, our goal is to gather the facts and determine what is correct.  Sometimes, we advise a client who is upset with a situation that the facts do not warrant pursuing the matter in court.  Other times, we may be called on by an attorney to help uncover salient facts.  While we are not professional litigators, we offer our years of working with real estate clients and our understanding of agreements related to property to assist clients and litigators.  Several members of our group regularly give depositions and provide testimony in court regarding real estate issues.  In addition, ORBA’s seasoned accounting professionals are experts in fraud examination and other aspects of litigation support, providing services from the beginning stages of litigation through post-trial matters.