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While many high-net-worth individuals frequently review their investment assets with their professional advisors, an important aspect of their total financial picture is often ignored: Individual life insurance policies. At ORBA, we help address these important considerations with our clients. 

Your insurance needs can change dramatically over time. A policy purchased years ago may need to be changed or adjusted to fit your current situation. Often, policy holders believe that life insurance is guaranteed if premiums are paid. In reality, many permanent policies can lose financial viability over time if the return assumptions are not met.

As part of your overall financial planning process, the experts at ORBA recommend that you have your life insurance policies reviewed at least every five years or whenever you experience a major life event such as a job change or retirement, change in marital status, or having a child.

ORBA teams with Mesirow Financial, JR Katz and other reputable insurance experts to provide a free insurance review to our clients. Coupled with our expert tax advice, this value-added service provides peace of mind that you are taking all the right steps to protect your assets today and in the years ahead.