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How to Raise Rates Carefully
Jacqueline N. Janczewski

If you hope to expand your profit margin by raising rates, here are some factors to consider so that you do not alienate clients, new or old.


How to Handle Collections and Late Payments
Robert Swenson

For most law firms, it is a familiar pattern: while some clients remit promptly, others drag their feet, and regrettably, some may not pay at all. Because attorneys generally cannot withdraw representation based solely on a client’s failure to punctually pay an invoice, firms must have a system in place that improves collections. Doing so […]


IRS Finalizes Rules for Partnership Representatives in Audits
Kalman Shiner

The IRS has issued its final regulations for the designation, authority and replacement of a partnership representative under the new default audit regime for partnerships.


How a Cost Recovery System Boosts Profits
Joel A. Herman

Recovering costs related to clients’ legal matters is a standard law firm billing practice. However, to ensure you recover costs effectively, you need a strategic cost recovery policy.


11 Steps to a Culture of Client Service Accountability
Nathaniel Slavin

Now more than ever before, law firms are seeking consultants to help them improve their client service standards and initiatives. In essence; however, what law firms really need is help creating accountability around client service.


Get the Most Bang From Your Social Media
Jacqueline N. Janczewski

Trolls, hackers and public relations nightmares—the risks of social media are highlighted frequently. Nonetheless, platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have become the 21st century equivalent of the Yellow Pages.


Is Your Law Firm’s Website a Dinosaur or a Dynamo?
Joy A. Long

Is your law firm’s website adding value to your marketing and business development efforts?  This blog will focus on the metrics that firms can use to measure whether your website is providing you with the value and visibility your firm needs, or whether it may be time to reinvest in a new website.


Time to Invest? Making the Most of a Budget Surplus
Kalman Shiner

With the economy thriving, many law firms find themselves with a budget surplus for the first time in several years. If you are one of these firms, consider investing some of those funds in achieving long-term growth.


Opting Out of the New Partnership Audit Regime
Robert Swenson

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 changed how partnerships are audited. Proposed IRS rules for partnership audits under the law apply to taxable years beginning after December 31, 2017, but some partnerships can choose to opt out. If your law firm is organized as a partnership, here’s what you need to know.


What Now? Responding to the Improved Economy
Jacqueline N. Janczewski

After a long recession and slow recovery, the economy seems to be headed back to more stable ground. Just as the weak economy required law firms to make changes in strategy, the improved situation calls for the same action as well.

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