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Capacity Building: Focus on Your Strengths, not Your Weaknesses
Sarah G. Widlock

The economic crisis may have your not-for-profit scrambling to find funding. But, equally important is making internal adjustments that can boost your ability to fulfill your long-term mission. Capacity building is one way your organization can increase its odds of doing just that. But, as it turns out, a traditional approach may not be the […]


Donor-Advised Funds: How They Work and How to Land Them 
Caitlin G. Gibbs

National Philanthropic Trust (NPT) data from nearly 1,000 charities shows that donor-advised funds (DAFs) grew in all key areas, including the number of individual funds and total grant dollars awarded to charitable organizations, according to a 2019 report. Although they are popular, DAFs are not without critics. Some do not like the fact that many […]


Influencer Marketing Comes to Not-For-Profits
Marva M. Flanagan

As the COVID-19 crisis intensified earlier this year, pop singer Ariana Grande began taking to Twitter every week to share a list of organizations she was supporting to help provide relief to those hit hard. As a result, organizations such as The Bail Project, Fund for Families and The Mental Health Fund saw a significant […]


Classifying Workers as Employees or Independent Contractors: When Bringing Back Workers, Follow the Rules
Jeffrey Chiles

Part of your not-for-profit organization’s entrance into the “new normal” not-for-profit world may involve rehiring workers — and perhaps hiring some new replacements. For tax obligation purposes, you will be required to classify those workers as employees or independent contractors (ICs). Sizing up Independent Contractor benefits Treating a worker as an independent contractor (IC) rather […]


Can Our Public School Hold “Virtual” School Board Meetings During the Pandemic?
Mike Sullivan, Meredith Kirshenbaum

As public schools in Illinois are busy redesigning their curriculums for the fall, “COVID-19” continues to interrupt not only classrooms, but also other essential educational operations.  On March 9, 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Pritzker declared all Illinois counties a “disaster area” and subsequently issued a series of executive orders designed to […]


Five Planning Strategies in Uncertain Times
Daniel Omahen

The COVID-19 pandemic, waves of civil unrest and rocky economic times have led to an abundance of external and internal forces for which many not-for-profit organizations have found themselves unprepared. Organizations are struggling to continue serving their constituencies while keeping their doors open, and their employees safe and employed. The uncertainty makes it challenging to […]


What You Need to Know About the SECURE Act
Kelly H. Buchheit

In late 2019, the first significant legislation related to retirement savings since 2006 became law. Whether you offer your employees a 403(b), a 401(k), a 457(b) or no retirement plan, the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act includes provisions that could affect you and your employees. Related Read: SECURE Act: New Tax Incentives […]


The CARES Act Provides Some Relief to Not-For-Profit Organizations
James Quaid

Much of the economy is reeling from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and the not-for-profit sector is not immune from the effects. Fortunately, Congress recognized this need when drafting the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). The law, enacted in late March 2020, contains several provisions that might help distressed not-for-profit organizations […]


How Not-for-Profit Organizations Can Tackle Cybersecurity in a Remote Work Environment
Siobhan Climer, Mishaal Khan

Not-for-profits, like most organizations, have transitioned to working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meetings are being held virtually, with workers connecting to the Internet on home networks using both work and personal devices. This rapid shift to remote work is putting IT systems and data assets at risk, driving not-for-profits to take action to keep […]


Get Your Operating Reserves in Order
Caitlin G. Gibbs

The recent tax law has reduced the benefit many taxpayers receive for their charitable contributions, and as a result, has affected the level of donations for many not-for-profit organizations. Combine that with uncertainties about government funding, and it is easy to see that operating reserves are more important than ever for long-term sustainability. Yet studies […]

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