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Webinar: The Cash Forecast is Dead, Long Live the Cash Forecast
Chris Arndt

“The cash forecast is dead. Planning cycles have shifted from long-term to short-term and the financial operations we’ve run our companies on have dramatically changed.” This was my recent conversation with Raman Chadha of the Junto Institute, which led us to this webinar topic. Watch the webinar here or read the summarized notes below to […]


Pricing in a Pandemic
Chris Arndt

This is Not a Blog on Price-Gouging This is a guide to pricing in a pandemic. There are two sides to this story. Many of our clients remain in crisis-management due to the COVID-19 pandemic, experiencing a cash crunch in these uncertain times. The majority of businesses likely fall into this bucket. Then, there are […]


How to Adjust Your Budget in a Recession
Chris Arndt

With Forbes reporting a massive decline in retail sales, industrial production and manufacturing, it should really be no surprise that Bloomberg declared there is a 100% chance of a recession in the next 12 months. Our Cloud CFO team has always advocated dynamic budgets. Budgets that are more adaptive to market trends force teams to come […]


Eight Ways to Get Creative With Cash Flow in a Crisis
Chris Arndt

Does the COVID-19 crisis have you strapped for cash? In this quickly-changing COVID-19 landscape, the restrictions to your cash flow come hard and fast. In a crisis, restricted cash flow can be a double-edged sword. To stay afloat, a business must improve liquidity for fluctuating priorities. While inevitably, many will focus solely on cutting costs, […]


How to Establish a Rainy Day Fund in the Middle of a Crisis
Chris Arndt

Unprecedented ideas in unprecedented times We have entered an unprecedented time in market disruption across industries. Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to enact the rainy day fund. Either start building it or call on it.  As a business owner or executive, it likely feels imperative to get in front of this disruption […]


Onboarding New Clients: What Makes Our Process Unique
Segdrick P. Byrd

We get it. Your business is your baby and it is no small thing to hand over your books to a new financial daycare. But, we are here to walk you through the process and promise that once it’s done, you will be  happy you did. It is a process we have finely tuned over […]


6 Ways to Improve Accounts Receivable
Chris Arndt

Improve your cash flow by improving your accounts receivable process When you are trying to improve cash flow or working capital, a great place to begin is by improving your accounts receivable (AR) cycle. Does this sound familiar? You have a sales team driven to get the job done, but customers never seem to pay […]


Why Business Owners Need to Know How to Forecast
Chris Arndt

Forecasting: Surprisingly overlooked; hugely strategic This may come as a surprise. Our target market companies are making anywhere up to $25+ million in revenue per year and a lot of them still do not forecast.  It is one of the reasons we can offer something unique to our clients. We see their financials as part […]


Three Reasons to Switch to NetSuite
Chris Arndt

Are you concerned your current accounting solution cannot scale with your company? Here are the signs you need an ERP and the top three reasons to switch to NetSuite.


Troubleshooting Common Cash Flow Problems
Chris Arndt

Preparing for year-end finances should not only be about taxes. It is a perfect time to begin business planning to meet your financial goals and start off the year with clean books.

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