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How to Cut Your Monthly Business Expenses as You Grow  
Chris Arndt

Now is a better time than ever to get your business spending under control. Unlike most accountants, we like to focus on growing your business, but certain times call for cost-cutting measures. Better yet, if you can cut your monthly business expenses as you are growing, then you are creating a great capacity to scale. […]


The Pros and Cons of Selling Your Business
Chris Arndt

Given the turbulent financial climate, it is not surprising to see more owners consider selling their businesses. Whether it is to look after employees, cut losses or for personal reasons, there is always a combination of pros and cons to consider. And I am speaking from experience, having sold my company to ORBA five years […]


Grow Your Business in an Unpredictable Economy
Chris Arndt

Even the best value proposition does not make your business recession-proof. How can a business double-down in times of economic uncertainty? Begin with your data and then focus on growth. Here are six ways to grow your business in an unpredictable economy. Want to Survive a Recession? Start With Your Data Map Your Metrics to […]


Three Ways to Put Your Financial Reports to Work
Chris Arndt

Our favorite type of client? One that has been growing so fast that they have not had the time to really put their financial reports to work. There is so much room for improvement in a company that is already growing but does not yet know how to glean value from its financial reports. Get […]


The Most Important Questions to Ask Your Controller Right Now
Chris Arndt

While the economy begins to cautiously reopen after COVID-19-related restrictions, there are plenty of questions and uncertainty for business owners and entrepreneurs. Here are three important questions to ask your controller right now. What is the Break-Even Sales Point for the Business? With a number of companies losing money or facing financial hardship, it is […]


Webinar: The Cash Forecast is Dead, Long Live the Cash Forecast
Chris Arndt

“The cash forecast is dead. Planning cycles have shifted from long-term to short-term and the financial operations we’ve run our companies on have dramatically changed.” This was my recent conversation with Raman Chadha of the Junto Institute, which led us to this webinar topic. Watch the webinar here or read the summarized notes below to […]


Pricing in a Pandemic
Chris Arndt

This is Not a Blog on Price-Gouging This is a guide to pricing in a pandemic. There are two sides to this story. Many of our clients remain in crisis-management due to the COVID-19 pandemic, experiencing a cash crunch in these uncertain times. The majority of businesses likely fall into this bucket. Then, there are […]


How to Adjust Your Budget in a Recession
Chris Arndt

With Forbes reporting a massive decline in retail sales, industrial production and manufacturing, it should really be no surprise that Bloomberg declared there is a 100% chance of a recession in the next 12 months. Our Cloud CFO team has always advocated dynamic budgets. Budgets that are more adaptive to market trends force teams to come […]


Eight Ways to Get Creative With Cash Flow in a Crisis
Chris Arndt

Does the COVID-19 crisis have you strapped for cash? In this quickly-changing COVID-19 landscape, the restrictions to your cash flow come hard and fast. In a crisis, restricted cash flow can be a double-edged sword. To stay afloat, a business must improve liquidity for fluctuating priorities. While inevitably, many will focus solely on cutting costs, […]


How to Establish a Rainy Day Fund in the Middle of a Crisis
Chris Arndt

Unprecedented ideas in unprecedented times We have entered an unprecedented time in market disruption across industries. Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to enact the rainy day fund. Either start building it or call on it.  As a business owner or executive, it likely feels imperative to get in front of this disruption […]

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