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What Is The Difference Between Dry and Wet Aged Steak??
Chef Paul Katz

In my blog post last week, I introduced you to Steak Week at Harry Caray’s taking place May 16th through 19th.  During that week, we will be featuring a different side-by-side steak comparison and wine pairing along with steak and wine tasting notes describing the characteristics of the two different steak options and explaining how the qualities of meat influence the choice of wine.

Last week, I also challenged you to put your palate to the test by seeing if you could tell the difference between dry aged vs. wet aged beef.  I answer that question this week in the following video blog:

Harry Caray’s Steak Week – Dry vs Wet Aged |

Visit our Facebook page and see if you can answer our trivia question this week which is, “What is the difference between grass vs. corn fed beef?” Then visit ORBA’s blog, Connections for Success where I will feature the answer in next week’s video blog.   If you answer correctly, you could win a chance at a free steak dinner at Harry Caray’s.

Good Luck!!!

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