Real Estate Litigation Support Services

Landlords, tenants, owners, managers, investors, lenders….  As much as we all try to get along, sometimes disputes happen in relation to real estate.  We are often called on to help determine the facts as they relate to agreements in the operation and ownership of real estate.  We represent clients or attorneys in various aspects of disputes related to real estate.  Such disputes might include:

  • Calculation of coverage ratios in loan agreements
  • Calculation of common area maintenance expenses as determined under a lease
  • Calculation of management fees according to an agreement
  • Calculation of percentage rents due under a lease
  • Valuations of real estate in divorce litigation

Wherever an agreement calls for a calculation, there is bound to be a dispute as to how that calculation is made.  At ORBA, our goal is to gather the facts and determine what is correct.  Sometimes, we tell a client who is upset with a situation that the facts don’t warrant pursuing it in court.  Other times, we may be called on by an attorney to help them uncover the facts.  While we are not professional litigators, we rely on our years of working with real estate clients and our understanding of agreements related to property to help clients and litigators in their pursuit.  Several members of our group have given depositions in relation to real estate and been questioned in court hearings.  When necessary, we call on others in the firm who are experts in fraud examination or other aspects of litigation support.

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[ORBA] has been a terrific partner for A Better Chicago. We have been working together for more than two years. Rather than build our own finance team, we rely on them to manage our budgeting, reporting, accounting and bill-pay. I have been very satisfied with quality of work, and I feel that their staff are deeply committed to our success. I highly recommend [ORBA] to any entrepreneur who is in need of an outstanding outsourced CFO.

Liam Krehbiel
Founder & CEO – A Better Chicago

[ORBA] has provided us with quality insight into our business planning forecasts. For the first time ever we had an accounting services that was able to work with us and accommodate our unique needs.

Diana Abens
Director of Administration – Foresight ROI

Carolyn, Sandy and Jessica have been a pleasure to work with, they treat our company as if its their own, and their dedication is tremendous. They are able to be responsive when necessary, but more importantly put the disciplines and expectations in place to transition complicated accounting work flows into their systems.

Bryce H. Bowman
Managing Partner – Community 1st Advisors

We get the benefits of a first-rate finance team without all the expense. They give us confidence that our finances will be managed well. When they say they’re going to do something, it gets done.

Steven Collens

Real EstateReal Estate Litigation Support Services


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