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Restructuring Mortgage Debt? Watch Out for COD Income
Jeffrey Newman

In tough economic times, real estate owners and investors often work with their lenders to restructure mortgage debt. Lenders may be willing to reduce the interest rate, extend the repayment term or even forgive a portion of the debt. These modifications can provide welcome financial relief, but it is important to understand the tax implications. […]


Deferring a Tax Hit With a Section 1031 Exchange
Adam M. Levine

Do you own commercial or investment real estate that has substantially increased in value? If you sell the property, you may be hit with a huge capital gain tax liability. A possible solution: Consider a Section 1031 exchange (also known as a like-kind exchange) in which you swap qualifying properties while paying zero or little […]


First-Year Bonus Depreciation and Section 179 Expensing: Watch Out for the Downsides
Kathy Z. Jeziorski

Many companies are eligible for tax write-offs for certain equipment purchases and building improvements. These write-offs can do wonders for a business’s cash flow, but whether to claim them is not always an easy decision. In some cases, there are advantages to following the regular depreciation rules. So it is critical to look at the […]


Tax Implications of Buying and Renting Out Units in an Owner-Occupied Multi-Unit Building
Joshua Goldschmidt

If you have ever considered buying a multi-unit building and renting out one or several units you are not alone. Potential positives to these properties include that real estate often increases in value, they may qualify for residential loans, they may be easier to manage due to being under one roof and these properties offer […]


Greening Your Projects Can Bring In More Green
Justin L. Sylvan

Whether you are developing commercial or residential projects, tenants and future owners are increasingly prioritizing environmentally-friendly features. Businesses with a strong focus on corporate social responsibility are increasingly expecting a better indoor environment, lower operating costs and enhanced market value for their spaces. To avoid falling behind the competition, you need to stay on top […]


How To Prepare for a 2021 Lease Audit
Stephanie M. Zaleski-Braatz

Over the past two years, businesses have endured many unexpected changes and disruptions, and the impact on corporate real estate and the workplace has been drastic. As your organization adapts for the future and evaluates the cost of office occupancy, you should act now by conducting a 2021 lease audit in the upcoming months. This […]


Prepare and Plan for Real Estate Sales in Advance
Thomas Kosinski

In recent years, the tax law has focused on real estate as a complex asset to own, but even more complicated to sell. The use of real estate in an operating business can create many tax benefits, including the ability to claim depreciation on the business use, create an investment for tax credits and even […]


Intelligent Use of Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Real Estate Businesses
Jeffrey Newman

Artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing significant change to a wide variety of industries and commercial real estate (CRE) is no exception for use of this technology. From marketing to property management, AI could expedite processes and cut costs in a range of ways. But what exactly is AI? Here is a quick lesson. AI 101 […]


A Cost Segregation Study Is One Way To Boost Cash Flow
Anita S. Wescott

If your business is planning to buy, build or substantially improve real property, a cost segregation study can help you accelerate depreciation deductions, reduce your taxes and boost your cash flow. Even if you have invested in real property in previous years, you may have an opportunity to do a lookback study and catch up […]


How To Use Smart Technologies Smartly
Adam M. Levine

In response to buyer and tenant expectations to be competitive in the market, many owners and developers are regularly incorporating smart technologies in their projects. Buyers and tenants also understandably have expectations regarding cybersecurity measures. The risks are real, but they can be significantly reduced with forethought and vigilance. Identify inherent risks Smart technologies almost […]

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