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How To Strengthen Staff Culture After a Challenging Few Years
Beth Napleton

Is your organizational culture thriving? In a recent market research survey I conducted, not one respondent said yes. To reiterate: Zero people said their culture was thriving. ZERO! The most popular responses were their organizational culture was either “riding the struggle bus” or “getting better.” With all that has been going on in the world, […]


Work Opportunity Tax Credit: Hiring Veterans May Lower Your Payroll Taxes
Marva M. Flanagan

Employers often overlook a federal tax break available to organizations that hire new employees from certain groups who have traditionally faced obstacles to hiring. While the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)  is more limited for not-for-profit organizations, it nonetheless presents payroll tax-saving opportunities that can prove especially valuable for organizations that are ramping up hiring. […]


Look Before You Leap: Factors To Consider Before Accepting a Grant
Kelly H. Buchheit

Most not-for-profit organizations look to government and/or foundation grants to help finance their programs. These grants are fundamental in expanding an organization’s reach. But you may find it difficult to quantify all the costs and benefits associated with a potential grant. If your not-for-profit organization does not do its research before accepting grant funds, it […]


Considering New Office Space
Kevin Omahen

Where your not-for-profit organization is located and how you use the space you have can make a significant difference in the overall success of the organization. This was even more apparent in the past year when offices were not utilized at all, yet lease or mortgage payments were still due.   Even with the economy […]


Do Not Let Fraud Prevention Slide
James Quaid

The ongoing pandemic has strained many not-for-profit organizations, forcing them to cut corners to survive. But fraud prevention is one critical area that organizations cannot afford to overlook. If anything, antifraud measures are more important now than ever. Vulnerabilities of not-for-profit organizations The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ (ACFE) recent study, Report to the Nations: […]


Tainted Donor, Tainted Money? How To Handle Controversial Contributions
Sarah G. Widlock

In 2019, as waves of lawsuits accused Purdue Pharma of knowingly contributing to the opioid crisis, numerous not-for-profit organizations announced that they would no longer accept gifts from the Sackler family, several members of which owned the company. That same year, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology came under fire for accepting multiple donations from convicted […]


Board Designation: Three Questions To Consider
Marva M. Flanagan

The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic crisis have provided harsh reminders of how precarious a not-for-profit organization’s financial stability can be. Uncertainty about the future is prompting some organizations to consider the wisdom of making board designations of unrestricted assets. Here are a few questions your organization might want to consider before making that decision. […]


A Year of COVID Philanthropy: What It Tells Us Going Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic created an unprecedented need for funding — and grantmakers and donors stepped up. Corporations, foundations, public charities and high-net-worth individuals awarded more than $20 billion to address the social, health and economic effects of COVID-19 globally in 2020. That is just one of the findings in a new report from the Center […]


Your Midsize or Large Organization Might Benefit From a CFO
Segdrick P. Byrd

As a not-for-profit leader, you are used to overseeing all aspects of your organization. Truthfully, the finance department is not always the first thing not-for-profit leaders think to scale as the organization grows. You might think, at times, that having a financial expert run that side of the operation could be a plus. More often […]


Prevent the UBIT Trap of Corporate Sponsorships
Kenneth Tornheim

Landing a corporate sponsorship is an accomplishment, especially in today’s economy. If you do get lucky, you will want to prevent unrelated business income tax (UBIT) from cutting into your new income. If you meet the requirements for a qualified sponsorship payment exception, you should be in good shape. What are the exceptions? Generally, “qualified […]

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