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Not-For-Profit Leaders Share AI Concerns
Barbara Miller

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be everywhere these days, including in not-for-profits. A recent survey by Stanford University’s Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence and Project Evident explores the current use of, interest in and opportunity for AI in the social and education sectors. The survey’s results show that AI already has a considerable presence there; […]


Crowdfunding Comes with Tax Risks
Sarah G. Widlock

Crowdfunding campaigns are designed to raise money for individuals or causes and have risen in popularity in recent years. Some not-for-profits have benefited from the trend, but supporters and organizers of crowdfunding campaigns may not understand the tax implications. These can differ significantly from tax rules for traditional charitable giving. If your organization is considering […]


What Do You Know about Form 990? Board Review Can Benefit Not-For-Profit Governance
Jeffrey Chiles

Most board members know — or should know — that the not-for-profit organization they serve files an annual Form 990 information return with the IRS. However, not every board member knows that they can, and should, review the form before it is submitted. Read on to learn why such board reviews are important and how […]


Watchdog Launches Campaign to Measure Equitable Funding
Caitlin G. Gibbs

Candid, the not-for-profit evaluation organization that resulted when GuideStar and Foundation Center merged, has announced a new data-driven campaign to encourage equitable funding practices. “Demographics via Candid” is designed to provide a standardized benchmark measurement, reduce inefficiencies and cut down on duplicate information requests from funders. Funders increasingly seek not-for-profits’ demographic information and organizations may […]


Are Your Operating Reserves Enough?
Barbara Miller

Operating reserves — generally, assets without donor restrictions that you can tap into easily — frequently are referred to as “rainy day funds.” However, stable reserves are critical for far more pressing reasons than the metaphorical rainy day. Solid operating reserves demonstrate responsible financial stewardship to your stakeholders. Reserves also increase the odds that your […]


Not-For-Profit Employment Returns to Pre-COVID-19 Levels
Jurgita Kalina

Three years after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, not-for-profit organizations appear to be in a significantly better place in terms of overall employment than they were at the end of 2021, according to the Nonprofit Employment Data Project at George Mason University. It reports that the industry lost about 1.64 million jobs as […]


Charge It! Credit Card Issues for Not-For-Profits
Jeffrey Chiles

Credit cards are a common part of doing day-to-day business for most not-for-profits these days. Donors typically use credit cards to make contributions, whether one-offs or recurring, and employees often rely on the cards when procuring supplies and services or traveling on behalf of their organizations. Some not-for-profits have, or have considered, so-called “affinity cards” […]


Tasks for a Successful Not-for-Profit Finance Committee
Sarah G. Widlock

A not-for-profit’s finance committee oversees and keeps its board of directors apprised of the organization’s overall financial health. This should be more than simply scanning financial reports. An active finance committee is crucial to maintain a not-for-profit’s health and reputation. The success of your finance committee depends on your board, staff and committee members understanding […]


Is It Time to Write a Gift Acceptance Policy?
Alison Fetzer

In the current economy, many not-for-profit organizations are looking for new and different ways to engage donors and solicit contributions.  Some people believe that anything is better than nothing when it comes to gifts, but that is not always true.  Not all gifts should be accepted, and saying no is okay.  Navigating what an organization […]


Tips for Navigating a Tough Labor Market
Barbara Miller

Employers in all sectors are facing a tight job market. Open positions may remain empty for months, and some employees seem to have few qualms about jumping ship, due in part to changes in the work force’s expectations. But the situation does not have to be dire for savvy not-for-profits willing to adapt to the […]

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