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Rightsizing Your Board: How Many Directors Do You Really Need?
Caitlin G. Gibbs

State law typically sets the minimum number of directors a not-for-profit must have on its board. But as long as that requirement is fulfilled, it is up to each organization to determine how many total board members it needs. While there is no “sweet spot” that will work for every organization, several guidelines can help […]


Landing Corporate Backing Requires a Game Plan
Marva M. Flanagan

When the economy is good, corporations tend to be more generous with their donations to not-for-profit organizations, but the competition can be tough. Not-for-profits that make detailed, compelling pitches to corporations and provide support for their requests have the best chance at securing corporate backing.


Is Your Department a Group or a Team?
D’Ann R. Meisenheimer

Several years ago, I became the manager of a small group of which I was a member. As the new manager, my goal was to bring the group together and foster a team mentality. I started by defining two similar and often interchangeable terms—group and team. 


Should You Accept That New Grant?
Kelly H. Buchheit

Grants are among the most important funding sources for many not-for-profits. It is easy to understand why so many organizations are quick to accept every new grant that comes their way.


Are You Thinking About Transparency?
Katherine Kannaby

Did you know your organization’s transparency could be hindering your support? Not-for-profit organizations may be seeing an erosion of trust by the public.


Implementing the New Lease Standards
Alison Fetzer

Implementation of the long awaited lease standard is rapidly approaching. This standard will require an organization to capitalize all material leases, including operating leases. 


Getting the Most Out of Your Audit
Kevin Omahen

Whether you are currently working on closing the year or in the midst of your organization’s busy time, your annual financial statement audit will be here before you know it, regardless of fiscal year end.


Streamlining for Savings
Jennifer Herman

I am the CFO…and bookkeeper. I am a finance, accounting and HR department of one. I work three days per week in a 10’ x 10’ office with minimal storage or desk space. What’s the key to my success?


More Lease Accounting Rules: Changes to Accounting for Leases
Laurence Sophian

As you probably know, there are some significant changes to not-for-profit financial reporting that will affect your calendar 2018 and fiscal 2019 financial statements. Depending on the type of revenue streams that you have, the rules regarding how you recognize revenue may also affect your financial statements.


Holiday Fundraising Tip and Treats
Harry Fox

For not-for-profits, this holiday season brings the opportunity to raise a few extra dollars amid all the revelry.  However, fundraising is not as simple as just holding out a hand and expecting to receive a holiday bounty. Here a few things for not-for-profits to think about during this time of the year.

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