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Ask These Questions Before Your Healthcare Organization Pursues a Merger or Acquisition
Jason Flahive

Your guide to making sure that your transaction decisions are what is best for your company Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) remain a key growth strategy in the health care sector for 2022 and beyond. With high valuations and uncertainty around future market trends, it is important that healthcare organizations carefully consider if an M&A deal […]


Navigating an Understaffed Workforce
Kevin Omahen

Much like everything else, there is no certainty as to how long the labor shortage will continue. That said, there are a few strategies to address this issue: Cross-Train. There are plenty of responsibilities that can be delegated to other staff. Ask your team what responsibilities they may have that they could teach someone else […]


Developing Your Practice
Kevin Omahen

What are you looking for? Physicians are constantly juggling three aspects of their life: Professional, personal and social. Understanding what your priorities are and what you are willing to sacrifice is a key element when considering growth in your practice. If you grow your medical practice will you be willing to sacrifice personal time to […]


How To Choose the Right Scheduling Approach
Kelly H. Buchheit

Among the top patient complaints is waiting too long to see a doctor. And all too often, it is with good reason — practices simply do not implement good scheduling practices. Many practices randomly fill in appointments where there is a slot, regardless of what the patient is there for. As a result, the daily […]


Starting a New Practice? Be Sure To Write a Business Plan
Kelly H. Buchheit

Many medical practices have been faced with both financial and practical challenges over the past two years because of the many effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, some temporary and some lasting. As a result, when starting up a new practice, you need to ensure it is designed to survive and thrive in this new environment. […]


Maximizing Reception
Kevin Omahen

A medical practice’s reception is the first stop of every patient’s visit. Receiving a warm welcome is important to most patients. However, a friendly hello is not the only job of the front desk administrative assistant. There are a number of other responsibilities that need to be performed properly in order to have a smooth-running […]


What Can You Do About Claim Denials?
Kelly H. Buchheit

Among the most essential characteristics of a financially healthy medical practice is claim acceptance and timely payment. In the current volatile economy, it is even more important to ensure that your billing process runs smoothly and that you avoid bumps in the road caused by too many claim denials. Here are some ways to increase […]


Five Financial Strategies To Improve Your Practice’s Profitability

The COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected many physicians’ practices in 2020 — and even continued into 2021. As medical practices begin to rebound, this is an especially good time to evaluate your financial strategies to determine what is still working and what needs to be improved. Related Read: Proactively Overcoming Industry Challenges Is there room for improvement? […]


The Telehealth Tax Checklist
Jason Flahive

Your telehealth tax questions, answered Health care practices implementing telehealth often focus their efforts on the marketing, technology, security and logistics of providing health care services to their patients and occasionally overlook tax and state regulatory considerations. The very nature of telehealth, which allows for patient care delivery across state lines, requires a careful analysis […]


Challenges to Recognizing Revenue for Telehealth Visits

Revenue recognition is difficult at the best of times — if the number of resources on the topic across the Internet is any indication. However, when it comes to telehealth, revenue recognition can seem downright impossible. After all, you are performing a healthcare visit, potentially across thousands of miles. You do not only have to […]

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