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2021 Legal Market: Why This Year Could Mark an Inflection Point
Justin L. Sylvan

It is safe to say that the legal industry has never seen a year like 2020. But, a recent study of the legal market suggests that disruptions to law firm operations could end up being the impetus that the industry needs to finally adapt to the market’s competitive realities.   The 2021 Report on the State […]


Millennial Matters: Understanding Your Younger Attorneys
Kalman Shiner

Millennials — generally defined as people born between 1981 and 1996 — make up the largest segment of today’s workforce, which includes the legal industry. With Baby Boomers increasingly leaving their practices and the overall job market changing in light of the pandemic, law firms must focus on recruiting and retaining younger attorneys to ensure […]


Is a Dedicated Sales Team the Answer to This Economy?
Thomas Pierce

The practice of law is almost always stressful, but current conditions make this period and the near future more anxiety-producing than ever. Law firms are balancing the COVID-19 pandemic, economic uncertainty and ongoing pressure to bring in new business. This has led some to follow the lead of other professional services and create dedicated teams […]


Study Digs Into Changes and Challenges for Small Firms
Justin L. Sylvan

Few areas of life are going unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout. But according to research from Thomson Reuters, one thing has remained nearly constant: The challenges confronting small law firms and firms’ response, or lack thereof. Although these top-line findings may seem discouraging, the 2020 Report on the State of U.S. […]


Best Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Connections in 30 Minutes a Week
Julie Savarino

Is it possible for busy lawyers and other professionals to develop business and clients using LinkedIn for only 30 minutes a week? And to do so without posting content? The answer is yes, but with some caveats. Read on for best practices, how tos, and tips. LinkedIn 2021 LinkedIn has now been around for over […]


AI: From Hollywood Science Fiction to the Legal World
Joshua Goldschmidt

Artificial intelligence (AI) — the use of computers to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence — is no longer just the plot of Hollywood’s next dystopian movie. AI is already integrated in many aspects of our daily life including Netflix, Amazon and Spotify recommendations, phone-face recognition technology and what we see on social media. […]


Cost-Cutting for Sustainability: Three Areas to Target
Kalman Shiner

U.S. law firms of all sizes and practice areas have had their financial foundations shaken as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Firms that were flying high less than a year ago now find themselves scrambling to survive the economic fallout. One obvious place to begin is cost-cutting. Several other areas make likely candidates. Staffing […]


Do Not Put Payroll Management on Autopilot
Robert Swenson

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the economy for a loop. Many law firms have had to trim expenses and furlough employees. Laying off or decreasing pay for support staff, associates and partners can add payroll tasks to your workload. If your firm is reducing people on the payroll or outsourcing work to independent contractors, there […]


Making Remote Work…Work
Joel A. Herman

This year, many law firms were forced to temporarily shutter their offices and required staff to work from home. Although many professional services businesses are beginning to reopen and are recalling employees back to the office, COVID-19 infection rates could potentially spike to spring levels again this fall. Now is the time to prepare for […]


“My Conference Was Cancelled; Now What?” How to Salvage Missing a Networking Opportunity
Craig Brown

Okay, you planned to go to an industry conference to do some much-needed networking. You had high hopes of meeting new people, securing some leads for exciting work and establishing yourself as a thought leader in the industry. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus got in your way. The conference was cancelled, and you missed out on valuable […]

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