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It is Time to Get Serious About Digital Marketing
Jeffrey Hild

For many law firms, digital marketing still remains an afterthought. However, simply having a stagnant website, an occasional blog and limited social media presence will not cut it, regardless of your firm’s size or specialty. The competition for legal services is simply too fierce. If your firm is looking to develop or revamp its digital […]


Tax Considerations for Office Leases
Joshua Goldschmidt

With the changing work environment in recent years, many businesses are reconsidering their office spaces and current leases. This could include renegotiating leases, reducing or increasing space, or leasing a new space. While there are many things to consider before signing or modifying a lease for office space, one of the areas that should not […]


Law Firms Face Potential Red Flags as Uncertainties Continue
Joy A. Long

While the U.S. economy is showing signs of recovery, or at least a “soft landing,” the outlook for the legal market remains mixed in 2023. That is according to the “2023 Report on the State of Legal Market” from the Center on Ethics and the Legal Profession at Georgetown University Law Center and the Thomson […]


What You Need to Know About Texting Clients
Joy A. Long

Text messaging—whether via SMS, iMessage or another format—has become ubiquitous in our personal and work worlds. Texting is fast, easy for mostly everyone and can be a positive for both the phone-phobic and those simply in a hurry. Law firm clients already communicate with a variety of service providers by text, and they may expect […]


It is Time to Review Your Client Trust Account Practices
Justin L. Sylvan

Handling client money happens daily in every law firm. State ethics rules require most attorneys to use trust funds to segregate client funds from firm funds. Maintaining these client trust accounts (CTAs) while meeting your state’s ethics rules can be onerous, but following the rules is better than sanctions or potential disbarment. CTA rules vary […]


Pass-Through Entity Taxes: How Law Firms Can Manage the SALT Deduction Limit

Many high-income taxpayers were negatively impacted when the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) imposed a $10,000 limit on the individual federal income tax deduction for state and local taxes (SALT). This $10,000 limit is often referred to as the “SALT cap.” In response, over two dozen states and one locality, New York […]


Don’t Forget About the Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program Act
Joshua Goldschmidt

The Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program Act requires certain employers within Illinois to either participate in the state-run retirement plan or to offer employees a different qualified employer-sponsored retirement plan. The amended law now requires many small businesses with as few as 5 employees to comply by November 2023. The purpose of the program is […]


Four Year-End Tax Tips for Law Firms

The end of the tax year for calendar-year law firms is just around the corner. Now is the time to take those last-minute steps that can reap significant tax savings on your 2022 return. Here is some tax-cutting advice to consider. Time Income and Expenses Wisely Deferring revenue into the next tax year and accelerating […]


Communication Is Key to Timely Client Payment
Justin L. Sylvan

How regularly do you communicate with clients? Failure to do so might cause a client to become disgruntled and slow down — or stop — payments. Being in touch with your clients regularly will help you gauge a client’s level of satisfaction with your firm’s work. And satisfied clients generally pay their bills. Related Read: How […]


Why Attorneys’ Financial Wellness Matters for Law Firms
Joy A. Long

In the midst of the continuing economic uncertainty, even affluent attorneys that are free of student debt have voiced concerns about their financial stability and retirement readiness. Law firms that listen and respond to their worries can gain valuable competitive advantages.  Financial Stress is Widespread Among Attorneys A 2021 American Bar Association (ABA) survey of […]

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