State and Local Tax Services

In an environment plagued by rising budget deficits, states and cities are desperate to identify additional revenue sources. As a result, most jurisdictions today are making constant tweaks to their tax laws and aggressively pursuing enforcement efforts through audits, questionnaires, notices and information sharing with the IRS and other states. This ongoing enforcement impacts large and small businesses as well as individual taxpayers.

In an era of e-commerce and Internet advertising, reaching a broad base of customers around the country and the world is now possible for many businesses that formerly catered only to local clientele. However, few small business owners realize the number and complexity of state and local tax laws that exist outside of their home jurisdictions.

ORBA’s solution to this reality is to provide you with a team of multistate tax experts who will proactively address your compliance needs, monitor your risks and limit your exposure to tax consequences. Taking advantage of our broad base of  experience will allow you to develop the most appropriate, cost-effective tax minimization strategies and address all the appropriate financial accounting and reporting obligations.



ORBA takes a practical approach to compliance.  Our tax experts provide you with the specialization required to comply with complex state and local tax laws in an efficient and effective manner. Knowing that we keep up-to-date on the ever-changing state and local tax laws will give you the peace of mind you need to concentrate on running your business.

Planning and Consulting

ORBA’s team of multistate tax authorities takes the time to understand you and your business and evaluates your risks and exposures. With that knowledge, our team creates the appropriate plan for your business and personal needs, allowing you to manage your tax and compliance requirements with ease.

State and Local Tax Services

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