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Is Your Law Firm’s Website a Dinosaur or a Dynamo?
Joy A. Long

Is your law firm’s website adding value to your marketing and business development efforts?  This blog will focus on the metrics that firms can use to measure whether your website is providing you with the value and visibility your firm needs, or whether it may be time to reinvest in a new website.

It is becoming increasingly important to look at your firm’s website as a strategic vehicle that not only provides basic information about your firm, but is also linked with a solid content strategy that can provide resources to clients and inform prospects.

Metrics Matter

There are several basic metrics that can help you assess whether your firm’s website is adding value to your firm’s marketing and business development efforts. Measuring the following metrics on a monthly basis will give you a clear picture of how well your website is performing:

  • Visitors
    A good indicator of performance is the number of visitors your website draws. But don’t stop there. In addition to looking at the number of total visitors, you will want to look at how many are first-time visitors versus repeat visitors. A high number of new visitors may suggest that a recent post on social media or other marketing campaign is working, while a high percentage of returning visitors may indicate that your website’s content is strong and generating leads.
  • Traffic Sources
    It is also important to track the sources of site visitors. Direct visitors enter the URL in their browsers, while organic search visitors arrive through a search engine’s list of results. Referrals click a link to the site from another website, and social visitors come via links on social media platforms.
  • Time on Site
    Generally, the longer the duration of a visit, the better we believe it is because it means visitors are consuming content. But sometimes, lengthy visits could mean that your firm’s website is not user-friendly and visitors have a hard time finding information. Take some time to examine your metrics to see what visitors are viewing and how long they are staying on a page.
  • Average Page Views
    How many pages on the website does the average visitor view on a visit is an excellent indicator of how compelling your content is and how easy it is to navigate.
  • Bounce Rate
    Equally important is the number of visitors who enter your website only to exit soon after. If they are only visiting the page they entered, it may be a telling sign that your navigation is hard to understand or locate.
  • Conversions
    This refers to visitors taking action on a website. These activities include downloading a white paper or blog, signing up for an industry newsletter or seminar, requesting more information or scheduling an appointment.

Responsive Design

In addition to these metrics, it also goes without saying that a responsively-designed website (i.e., one that adjusts to any electronic device from which it is being reviewed) is a must now that more and more people are accessing websites from devices other than a desktop. According to MarginMedia, 48% of users say that if they arrive on a business site that is not working well on mobile, they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring. So, if your site cannot easily be read from a cell phone or tablet, it’s definitely time to rethink your website strategy.

Investment or Sunk Cost?

While sticking with an older website may seem cost-effective, you may actually be losing market share because your firm is viewed as technologically behind the times. When done right, a law firm website will drive your marketing and business development efforts, as well as be an excellent investment that creates value and visibility for your firm.

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