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A New Accounting Rule Could Bring Change to Not-for-Profits’ Financial Statements
Barbara Miller

A new accounting standard from the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) appears on its face to apply only to financial institutions, but it could affect not-for-profit organizations that adhere to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Among other things, Accounting Standards Update (ASU) No. 2016-13, Financial Instruments — Credit Losses (Topic 326), Measurement of Credit Losses […]


Unused Gift Cards: Windfall or Burden?
Robert Swenson

Gift cards can be an attractive option for restaurants and customers alike. For customers, they provide an easy, yet thoughtful, gift idea. And for restaurants, they help increase revenue, attract new customers and build customer loyalty. Another potential benefit is that many gift cards go unused or are only partially used — a phenomenon known […]


Get Ahead on Cybersecurity — Before It Is Too Late
Mark A. Thomson

Manufacturers cannot afford to put cybersecurity issues on the back burner. Just because manufacturers may not sell directly to consumers, it does not mean that they are not at risk. Sometimes manufacturers are impacted when their customers or vendors get hit by a cyberattack. And while news media gives play to data breaches that occur […]


Prepare and Plan for Real Estate Sales in Advance
Thomas Kosinski

In recent years, the tax law has focused on real estate as a complex asset to own, but even more complicated to sell. The use of real estate in an operating business can create many tax benefits, including the ability to claim depreciation on the business use, create an investment for tax credits and even […]


Plan Sponsor Alert: Revisiting De-Risking Options
James Quaid

Thanks to better returns and an uptick in discount rates used to value plan liabilities, defined benefit plans’ funding statuses have improved to some of their highest levels since the Great Recession. Many plan sponsors are eager to preserve these gains and want to take risk off their balance sheet by implementing “de-risking strategies.” Because […]


How To Choose the Right Scheduling Approach
Kelly H. Buchheit

Among the top patient complaints is waiting too long to see a doctor. And all too often, it is with good reason — practices simply do not implement good scheduling practices. Many practices randomly fill in appointments where there is a slot, regardless of what the patient is there for. As a result, the daily […]


Thinking About Adding Nonequity Partners?
Justin L. Sylvan

Pros and Cons of Adding Another Partner Level Smaller law firms that are reluctant to add more equity partners may consider creating nonequity partnerships to reward and retain high-performing associates and lure in laterals. However, this approach can come with both advantages and disadvantages so it requires significant forethought. Alluring advantages The traditional partnership model […]


Working Remotely From “Out of State” Can Be Taxing
Dan Newman

The COVID-19 pandemic has required many people to work remotely, either from home or a temporary location. One potential consequence of remote work may surprise you: An increase in your state tax bill. During the pandemic, it has been fairly common for people to work remotely from another state — across state lines from the […]


Has COVID-19 Hurt Your Public Support Test Percentage?
Alison Fetzer

Not-for-profit organizations that qualify as public charities are required to pass a public support test annually to maintain their tax-exempt status. For many organizations, this test has been more of a formality than a hurdle. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, which started in March of 2020, many not-for-profit organizations have had to cancel or change […]


Using AR To Enhance Manufacturing Processes
Joyce Carlson

A new innovative technology, introduced recently in the last five to six years, is taking its place in manufacturing with a higher than expected acceptance. Known as Augmented Reality (AR), this phenomenon has emerged with the potential to transform the manufacturing industry. Unlike virtual reality, AR overlays digital imagery onto physical surroundings, typically through the […]

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