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Homage to Harry
Chef Paul Katz

Harry Caray, one of the most highly recognized and beloved play-by-play announcers is best remembered for his tradition of singing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” during the 7th inning stretch and for his famous exclamations: “It might be, it could be, it is! A home run!” and “Holy cow!”

In this week’s video, we pay homage to Harry for his passion for the game and his fans.

All of us at Harry Caray’s are passionate about what we do as well, which is why we are sharing our knowledge of steak.  This week in our video blog we answer the question, “What is the difference between grass and corn fed beef?”

Harry Caray’s Grass vs Corn Fed|

Visit our Facebook page and see if you can answer this week’s trivia question this week which is, “What is the difference between bison vs. beef?”   If you answer correctly, you could win a FREE PRIME STEAK at Harry Caray’s.

Good Luck!

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