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Is Your Company’s Data Protected?
Tanya Gierut

Most people associate theft at a manufacturing company with the loss of product or material.  Although in the past this may have been true, a new type of theft has surfaced and it relates to intellectual property.  Some of the greatest assets a company has are their vendor lists, trade secrets, customer database and employee data.  Without the proper security measures in place, a company is left with their doors wide open – the doors that lead to their network.

Staff may be unaware how quickly an email can be intercepted and valuable information can be lost or stolen.  Using secured networks, passwords and encryptions are simple ways to enhance security by staff members that can prevent data loss.  In addition, educating vendors on security measures will also help prevent any information from ending up in the wrong hands.  Implementing company policies and procedures that restrict sensitive data from being transmitted improperly can be an inexpensive way to help prevent data theft.

Other security measures include performing frequent back-up of data, installing firewalls and antivirus software and storing data offsite.  In addition, staying up to date with your IT protection is extremely important as technology continues to advance in the workplace. Management and staff are often eager to implement and use new technologies to help manufacture their product and become more efficient, but without the proper safeguards, these advances could end up hurting a company in the long run.

IT security may not be a priority of management and owners, but once intellectual property has been compromised, it may be too late.  Be proactive in order to prevent a major catastrophe and to prevent the loss of your major assets.

If you have any questions or concerns about policies and procedures for protecting your company’s data, please contact Tanya Gierut at [email protected] or 312.670.7444.

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