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Questions and Concerns Board Members Should Consider in the Current Environment – Cybersecurity
James Quaid

In my recent Not-For-Profit newsletter, Questions and Concerns Board Members Should Consider in the Current Environment, I shared some items and questions that not-for-profit organizations should consider in 2021.

This blog focuses on one area that has, and continues to be, a prime area of concern for all organizations — cybersecurity. Mishaal Khan, Cybersecurity Practice Leader and Solution Architect at Mindsight, provides his thoughts on the items organizations should consider regarding cybersecurity:

  1. Privacy

      • New laws and regulations;
      • Limiting collection and sharing of information to minimize the impact of a breach; and
      • Safeguarding personal privacy to minimize social engineering scams.
  2. Security Controls

      • Continuing a layered approach in security;
      • Proactive monitoring; and
      • Planning and creating a cybersecurity budget based on risk.
  3. Financial Risk Analysis

      • Prioritizing security spend based on high risk and high impact for the business — consider non-technical and soft dollar costs.
  4. Education

      • Video-on-demand-style educational videos may not be creating a significant impact on employee security awareness — consider other means of education and awareness.
  5. Embracing and Securing the Cloud and Remote Workers

      • Weigh the pros and cons.

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For more information on cybersecurity trends and steps you can take to protect your organization, Mindsight welcomes you to register for its upcoming virtual event on Tuesday, February 23, Understanding the Real Costs of a Data Breach.

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