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Steak 101 Finals. Can You Pass The Test?
Chef Paul Katz

Over the past several weeks we have been learning about the differences in a variety of beef; wet aged vs. dry aged, grass fed vs. grain fed and bison vs. beef. Being this is the week preceding steak week at Harry Caray’s, and our last video blog of Steak Week, we hope that you will join us next week and put your palate to the test.

In this week’s video blog, we review the various types of beef we have talked about, offer our Steak Week menus for your consideration and answer our final trivia question, “What is the difference between prime and choice?”

For more information on Harry Caray’s Steak Week, please visit our website. Sommelier Mark Molitor, myself and the rest of the Harry Caray’s team look forward to seeing you and sharing a week of great beef and wine parings.

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