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Five Ways OmniChannel Retail Influences Your Accounting Processes
Chris Arndt

Strategies to use to ensure seamless accounting processes with an omnichannel retail experience. When “omnichannel” was first mentioned, Marketers everywhere were dubbing it as the next buzzword marketing term. Yet, as the years have gone by, its prevalence has increased considerably throughout publications. In fact, recent stats suggest that today’s consumers use an average of almost six touch-points across […]


Financial Evolution of a Start-Up
Chris Arndt

From checking it twice to predicting your future, these are the five stages of a start-up’s finances: Stage One: The Lone Wolf Transaction In the beginning of the evolution of a start-up, it is likely that the founder is in a lone wolf scenario. He or she is grinding away to get the business off […]


Budgeting and Forecasting for High Growth Companies
Chris Arndt

From best practices, to forecasting, to budgets gone bad, we recently hosted a roundtable discussion on budgeting and forecasting for high growth companies at The Junto Institute in Chicago, IL. One of the key takeaways from this discussion were the essential questions to ask for each stage in building a budget.


11 Lessons in Cloud-Based Etiquette
Chris Arndt

Have you been on the receiving end of some untoward cloud-based etiquette? At one point or another, I’m sure all of us has experienced a video conference with someone while their roommate was chowing down on Chipotle in the background. If not, count your lucky stars, as it’s not a pretty scene.


Three Things You Must Have Before Fishing for VC and Angel Funding
Chris Arndt

Let us start with a dose of reality. Very few, as in significantly less than 1%, of emerging U.S. businesses successfully secure Venture Capital (VC) funding. According to the National Venture Capital Association, less than 1,500 companies were the beneficiaries of first time VC backing in 2015. While angel funding is more available than VC investments, only about 2.5% of companies that apply successfully attain funding. If you think your company will be one of the lucky few, here are a few things you will need before pitching to VC or angel investors.


How Does a Growing Company Maintain its Innovation and Competitive Edge?
Chris Arndt

How does a growing company maintain its innovation and competitive edge? By hiring great employees? NOPE. It’s by keeping them. By employing open book management and offering a stake in profits you can retain great talent to help your company thrive. Learn the key concepts, metrics and incentives needed to curate your culture for growth. We […]


The Do’s and Don’ts of Pricing Your Product
Chris Arndt

Do lower costs to lower prices, but do not forget to overlook value. From freemium to premium, you have to decide what’s right for your company and its product and what fits industry standards. But, there are a few things that are universal no matter which pricing scheme you choose. Read this article, before you launch. Ready to […]


Financial Goals: Going Beyond “Keep Overhead Low”
Chris Arndt

These are the financial goals for every business that are actually worth making. We know we don’t need to convince you to make financial goals. We’ve all heard the: “don’t spend more than you make,” and “keep overhead low” advice. But those are a little obvious. These five approaches to goal-setting are actually attainable and […]


How to Become a Reseller in Illinois
Chris Arndt

There are any number of variances in reseller store setups, products sold and reasons why you may want to become a reseller. Maybe you want to supplement existing services you offer with related products. Perhaps you have an “in” on a good source or manufacturer for new merchandise that you are confident will sell well. Whatever your reason, our latest Cloud Services Group blog provides a bit of advice on what you need to know if you wish to become a reseller in Illinois.


Company Health Check: Is Your Business Financially Fit?
Chris Arndt

How do you know your company is financially fit? We all talk it to death: profit, profit, profit. And for good reason—your profitability, and therefore your profit margin, is the single best measure of company health. However, it is a mistake to think that is all there is to it. This article outlines a handful of other metrics you should be using to gauge company health.

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